I recently listed my sister’s house for sale. It was the first home she owned and she had spent the last 8 years there. The whole experience gave me a fascinating insight into what home ownership really means. It also reminded me of the amazing opportunities I have to impact people.  It made me realize why I got in this business in the first place.

With regards to my sister, I got to watch her experience the full range of emotions as she prepared her home for sale. The fun times, the people that had come as well as gone in her life, the recollection of all the hopes and dreams she had realized since the purchase. It all hit her hard as she cleaned closets and decided whether to keep certain pictures and belongings or throw them away. There are the good times and the bad times, the good memories and the not-so-good memories, but they have one thing in common: THEY ALL TOOK PLACE IN HER HOME. There is an undeniable emotional attachment to this finite structure.

For most people, buying or selling a home is the biggest financial transaction they will ever undertake.  That alone creates a level of stress and excitement that can heighten emotions to unprecedented levels. Throw in the fact that they have spent or are planning on spending a large portion of their lives in the house and raising their families etc. It’s easy to understand that sometimes I don’t see people at their “best”.  They are nervous, excited, apprehensive, ecstatic and confused at the same time.  And we sometimes haven’t even looked at a house yet!!

John L. Scott uses the slogan “It’s about the possibilities in our clients’ lives”.

Especially after this experience, I couldn’t agree more. When you buy or sell a home, it’s unlike anything else you will ever purchase or transfer. It becomes the landing space for your life, the center of your particular universe. It’s not just about the money, it’s so much more than that.

A Realtor’s job is to provide clients with any and all necessary information and to be 100% honest, so you can truly make an informed decision regarding your Real Estate transaction. Then they need to negotiate the best possible terms for the house and protect you from any surprises. Lastly, the Realtor needs to guide the process so that everything gets done in time for a smooth closing.

When done properly, the many emotions you will feel can be tempered and moderated by knowing you have an ally that has the same interests as you: Putting you in the perfect home at the right price and making the procedure as painless as possible.

I’m certain that seeing the process from a different angle has helped to make me a better Realtor. I pledge to keep my clients’ emotions in the front of my mind at all stages of this undertaking. And, as always, to continue to learn every day.

If you’re in the market to buy or sell a home, please give me a call and let’s talk about your feelings :).

Thomas R. Foy